There are so many laptops available in the market for you to decide. If you want to buy a laptop and are not sure of which laptop will be the best one for you, look no further. has brought an exclusive buying guide which will help you to decide the best laptop for you.

Six Things to keep in mind before buying a LAPTOP

Considering a lot of factors that come in to play while purchasing a laptop, below given are the Top 6 things that you need to know when buying a laptop.


Budget is the most crucial factor while purchasing a laptop or anything. Before you start looking for a laptop, it is recommended to fix your budget. The market consists of notebooks from the price range of Rs 10,000 or less(basic laptop) to Rs 5 lacs and more.

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While deciding the budget, the need to buy the laptop should also be kept in mind. For instance, if you’re planning to buy a laptop for substantial/massive gaming, you cannot fix the budget less than 50 or 60 thousand rupees. Similarly, if you are buying one for basic computing or surfing, you do not need a budget of 50K or more.

Given below, is a general idea of how much you need to spend according to the need.

Personal Laptops 15000-35000
Laptop for Travellers 30000-60000
Laptop for Students 20000-35000
Gaming Laptops 50000-150000
Business Laptops 30000-70000
Budget Laptops 10000-25000
Video Editing/Graphic Designing Laptops 60000-150000

In conclusion, the budget is an adjustable factor. The more specs you want in your laptop, the higher the amount you will have to spend.


Another important aspect of buying a laptop is the usage pattern. Usage pattern explains how often are you going to use it and also, what sort of work are you going to do on it? You might be purchasing it for general computing or playing massive games or using substantial apps.

"laptop buying guide usage pattern"
Light Usage 4GB to 8GB
Medium Usage 8GB to 16GB
Heavy Usage 12GB to 32GB

To sum it up, identify your usage pattern and combine it with your budget cap to get the best deal.


An operating system is a channel which controls computer hardware and allows it to communicate with the user and other software. In other words, the operating system is an interface between the user and computer hardware. It manages the hardware and software.

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TYPES of Operating Systems for a laptop:

  • WINDOWS: It is the go-to operating system for 80% users in India. It is easy to use. Some laptops come with pre-installed windows while some of them will need separate installation after purchase.
  • MAC: MAC is the primary Operating System for Apple laptops. It comes pre-installed in all the Apple laptops. Apple laptops work only on MAC.
  • DOS: DOS or Disk Operating System uses a storage device to perform all its operations. DOS does not support any software without the installation of Windows/LINUX. In other words, a user needs to purchase and install Windows/LINUX on a DOS laptop to operate apps or any other software.
  • LINUX: LINUX is an open-source operating system in the OS family. It has a graphical user interface. Mostly users who know coding language use it.


The display of a laptop is the primary interface between the user and the work that he wants to do. You need to pay attention to what features a screen offers while buying a laptop. Various laptops differ in screen size, resolution, bezel size, etc.

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Screen Size

  • Up to 13 Inch: Laptops with a screen size of fewer than 13 inches are ideal for someone who wants a compact device. Besides, these laptops are generally light in weight and have portability plus point.
  • 13 to 16 Inch: Among the 13 to 16-inch notebooks, 15.6-inch ones are the most common. These laptops are medium-sized and also not that heavy. These laptops are generally preferred for office use, by students or for any general usage.
  • More than 16 Inch: Professionals whose work demand big screens and multi-tasking generally prefer laptops with a screen size of more than 16-inches — for example, Substantial gamers, video editors, graphic designers, etc.

Screen Resolution

Laptops with HD display
have a screen resolution of
1366×768 pixel count.
Laptops with Full HD
display have a screen
resolution of 1920×1080
pixel count.
Laptops with 4K display
have a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixel count.
HD Display comes with
basic budget laptops.
FULL HD Display is the
most common display at
the moment and comes
with mid-priced laptops.
4K Display comes with
high-end laptops. 4K
display demands a high

5. Build, Design, and Type:

Laptops vary in their build quality, design, and type. The better quality and design you would want the more money you will have to spend.

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5.1 Build Quality

Build Quality of all the laptops varies according to its price. Budget laptops come with the necessary build quality. Sometimes, cheap plastic-type material is used for the body in low-priced ones, whereas with high-end laptops, superior material is used for the body. Besides, some laptops also come with metal body with excellent finishing.

5.2 Design

Every brand in the laptop game has sort of its designing theme with their laptops. The colour combination keeps changing, but the branding pattern and the looks remain somewhat the same when laptops of the same budget from the same brands are compared. Any design which catches your eye will be the best for you.

5.3 Types of Laptops

There are various types of laptops available in the market. Some of them are listed below for you to decide from:

  • TOUCHSCREEN LAPTOP: Touchscreen laptops offer the same features like a tablet, or a smartphone does. You can operate or use the laptop just by touching its screen. Touchscreen laptops are the new generation laptops, which are a bit costly as compared to laptops which do not offer the touchscreen feature.
  • 2 in 1 LAPTOP: There are two types of 2 in 1 laptop:

Convertible Laptop

Detachable Laptop

A convertible laptop can be converted into a tablet by folding/bending its screen all the way back. It becomes a little heavy while using it as a tablet.

A detachable laptop can be converted into a tablet by detaching its screen from the keyboard. The specs might differ when using it with the keyboard and without it.


Ports & connectivity that a laptop offers plays a vital role while buying one. Although different ports serve different purposes, a combination of what you want in your machine is essential.

"laptop ports"
USB Type-A USB Type-C
Card Reader Slot Thunderbolt
CD/DVD Slot LAN/Ethernet

Some other things to keep in mind while buying a laptop

  • Battery Performance
  • Brand
  • After-Sale Services
  • Laptop Graphics
  • Warranty and Guarantee Period