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In an era where everything has gone digital, and everyone is on the go, a laptop has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone has a lappy and as a result, need to buy the best laptop bag to carry it from one place to another.

"best laptop bag under 1000"

There certainly are a lot of options available on the internet. So, here arises a question, which is the best laptop backpack as per your need? Therefore, we have made a list of the best laptop bags under 1000 Rs for you to decide.

The list contains the best laptop bag for travel, college, and office use. But, before looking at the list, you must check out five things you need to consider before buying a backpack.

Your Laptop Bag Budget?

Budget is the most crucial factor while buying anything. Although there are a lot of cheap laptop backpacks available, they are of no use if they don’t serve the purpose or are of inferior quality.

Therefore we have made a list, and the best laptop backpack list covers laptop bags under 1000 from various brands and for different purposes.

Capacity & Size of the Laptop Backpack

Laptop bags come in various sizes and offer different capacities according to the size. So, you need to pick a laptop bag that can easily fit your laptop in. The average size of a laptop is 15.6 inches, and most of the backpacks can accommodate 15.6 inched laptops.

Although you’re looking to buy a laptop bag, it can serve other purposes in addition to that as well. If you want to carry other things like books, etc. with the laptop, then you need to keep in mind the capacity of the bag as wellThe more capacity it has, the more things you can carry in the backpack with the laptop.

Fabric of the Laptop Bag

Laptop backpacks are made up of different fabrics. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the material of the laptop bag before making a purchase.

Some of the different types of material that a backpack is manufactured of are leather, denim, cotton canvas, nylon, etc. You can also pick the backpack as per current style and trend. 

Check out Different Types of Fabrics that are used to make Backpacks 

How Durable is the Laptop BAG?

We’re looking at a backpack for your laptop, and it is not a cheap product. Hence, you cannot rely on an inferior quality product for the protection of it.

You need to look for a laptop bag that is tough, long-lasting and above all can withstand pressure or weight. In our ‘best laptop backpack under 1000’ list, we have picked up those bags that are not only tough and hard-wearing but also long-lasting.

The Purpose of buying the Laptop Backpack?

The purchase of a laptop bag will only be successful when it serves the purpose. Therefore the use of buying the laptop backpack should be kept in mind.

A laptop bag serves different purposes to different people. For example, a laptop bag for travel, for college or school, for office use, etc. Therefore, you need to keep in mind your purpose of buying the laptop backpack and purchase it according to it.

After considering various aspects that should be kept in mind while buying a laptop bag, here is our list of the best laptop bag available under 1k. 

1. Gear Vintage-2

Capacity27 Litre
Water ResistanceWaterproof
Warranty1-year warranty against manufacturing defects
Weight600 Grams

Gear Vintage 2 comes with features like anti-theft protection and USB charging data cable slot. This backpack has cushioned back support and adjustable padded back-straps with anti-sweat fabric which offers excellent comfort. 

Above all, the Vintage-2 has two big compartments and zippers on the front as well. It has an elasticized bottle pocket and fits laptops up to 15.6 inches. Moreover, the bag is water-resistant and is available in four different colours. 

It probably is the best laptop backpack under 1000 for the given quality.


  • It comes with anti-theft feature.
  • Water repellent fabric.
  • USB charging data cable slot is available. 


  • Rain cover for the bag is not available. 


2. F-Gear Blow

Capacity32 Litres
Water ResistanceWaterproof
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Weight889 Grams

If you’re looking for a stylish laptop backpack that serves all the purpose, look no further. This bag can not only be used for regular daily use but also travel because of space and durability it offers.

This backpack from F-Gear is going to be the best laptop bag for you if the size of your laptop is enormous because it can fit laptops with screen size up to 19 inches. The bag has three compartments which offer ample space to load your stuff.

rain cover is also attached at the bottom of the backpack for extra water protection. In conclusion, it is probably the best laptop backpack under 1000 for general as well as specific usage.


  • Rain cover is available for extra protection.
  • Can fit laptop up to the size of 19 inches. 




3. Unisex Laptop Backpack

"anti theft laptop bag"
MaterialNylon, Polyester, Canvas
Capacity30 Liters
Water ResistanceWaterproof
Warranty30 days
WeightNot Mentioned

If you’re looking for a backpack that can which can be used for keeping laptops and other gadgets, this one is for you. The bag comes with anti-theft design with secret pockets to keep your stuff protected.  

It also has a built-in USB charging slot to charge your phone on the go. The bag has one main compartment and further, other small compartments to keep gadgets. It has enough space to fit laptops up to 15.6 inches. 

The bag can be used as a gadget backpack and not for keeping books and taking it to school. Therefore, it is the best laptop bag if you buy it for a specific use, for example, for keeping laptops and gadgets. 


  • Built-in USB charging port is available. 
  • It comes with anti-theft design.


  • Not ideal for carrying a lot of books for school.                              

4. COSMUS Laptop Bag

Capacity29 Liters
Water ResistanceWaterproof
Warranty1-year (against manufacturing defects)
Weight780 Grams

This backpack from COSMUS is a combination of style and sturdiness. Coated with water-resistant fabric, it certainly is one of the best laptop bags under 1000 Rs.

It has two huge compartments and can take in laptops up to 15.6 inches. Therefore, you can buy it for both travels as well as daily usage. It is an ideal laptop bag for travel, college, and office use.

However, it is not ideal for just keeping a laptop because of its size. You can buy it for carrying a laptop and other stuff as well.


  • Water-resistant
  • All-purpose laptop bag


  • The rain cover is not available with the backpack.

5. Fur Jaden Faux Leather Laptop Backpack

"fur jaden water resistant laptop bag"
MaterialArtificial Leather
Capacity20 Liters
Water ResistanceWater-Resistant
Warranty6 Months (against manufacturing defects)
Weight800 Grams

Fur Jaden is one of the best backpacks brands in India, and this bag proves the statement. It is a perfect combination of style and durability. The material used in production is high-quality water-resistant leather fabric. Therefore, it will be an ideal laptop bag for daily usage. 

It has one compartment which can be used for keeping laptop-sized up to 15.6″ and some books. The backpack cannot be used for travel purposes because it does not offer immense capacity. 


  • Water Resistant
  • Quality of fabric is really good


  • The anti-theft design could have been better

6. F-Gear Burner P8

"fgear burner casual laptop bag"
Capacity26 Liters
Water ResistanceWater-Resistant
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Weight400 Grams

Burner P8 by F-Gear is probably one of the most lightweight laptop bags. It is stylish, funky, and sturdy at the same time. The P8 is a multipurpose bag; therefore, it is probably the best laptop backpack for travel and day to day usage.

It has one main compartment for keeping laptop sizes up to 15.6 inches and one small compartment for keeping gadgets, etc. The sturdy adjustable straps are of cushion material, so it is comfortable to carry. It is one of the best backpacks under 1000.


  • Multipurpose: Can be used for travel and daily use.
  • Best quality in the given price range.


  • The rain cover is not available with the backpack.                                                                                                        


7. F-Gear LUXUR (Mature Bag)

"mature bag"
Capacity25 Liters
Water ResistanceWater Resistant
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Weight798 Grams

This bag from F-Gear certainly needs no introduction. Although it’s named LUXUR by the brand, it has been one of the most viral bags in 2019 by the name “MATURE BAG.” It is not just a bag but a trend, and therefore everybody wants it after it went viral in July 2019. 

Apart from its fame, the bag has a neat finish and is quite stylish on the other hand. It has two compartments, can fit laptops up to 15 inches and a bottle holder as well. According to some reviewers, this is the best bag under 1000 to look stylish and mature. 


  • Sober and stylish design.
  • It feels like a premium original leather bag.


  • You cannot fit any laptop above 15 inches.


8. Fur Jaden Casual Bag

"casual laptop bag"
Capacity25 Liters
Water ResistanceWater-Resistant
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Weight450 Grams

Fur Jaden is one of the best laptop bag brands in India, and this bag under 1000 is also a beautiful product. It is a waterproof bag which comes with a USB charging slot to charge your gadgets on the go

It comes with two compartments, and you can keep any laptop up to 15.6 inches. The straps are adjustable, and it also has a bottle holder on one of the sides. Hence, it is an ideal backpack for college students, office use, and short travels.


  • USB charging slot is available. 
  • Light in weight


  • The rain cover is not available with the bag.
"fgear laptop bag"
Capacity41 Liters
Water ResistanceWater Resistant
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Weight998 Grams

‘Defender’ is one of the best laptop bags under 1000. It has a lot of capacity to keep books for school or college, carry clothes for travel, and to carry files, documents & laptop for office. Above all, you can take it anywhere for any purpose. 

It has two compartments and many small pockets to fit all your stuff inside. With the overall package it offers, it probably is the best laptop bagpack in India which serves all the purposes. 


  • Huge in size, hence ideal for any use. 
  • Ample space for laptops 18-19 inches.


  • Rain cover is not available with the backpack.                                                                                                    

10. Casual Laptop Bag for Women

"laptop bag for women"
Capacity29 Liters
Water ResistanceWater Resistant
Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty
Weight550 Grams

If you’re searching for the best laptop bag for women, look no further. The Gear casual bag has two main compartments to keep your laptop and books, etc. and also one small compartment to hold other accessories

It has adjustable cushioned straps with anti-sweat fabric which feels very comfortable on the shoulders. You can easily fit any laptop up to the size of 15.6 inches. The backpack is probably the best laptop bag for women under 1000. 


  • Light in weight and easy to carry. 
  • Can be used while traveling, for college or office use.


  • Rain cover is not available with the backpack.                                                 


There are so many laptop bags available online, and it becomes very confusing to decide which one is the best? In the above list, we have mentioned the best backpacks under 1000 according to our research. We certainly have tried our best to pick the top 10 laptop backpacks in India.

So, below given are some recommendations that could not make it the top 10 laptop bags list. In other words, check out more laptop bags below. 

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